Thank you for visiting my website. Since retiring, I have I have begun re-cultivating my love and passion for extended backpacking, day hiking, poetry, and landscape photography with a more full time effort.

I am motivated by what the wilderness reveals and the challenge of capturing that genius of beauty that unfolds before me and the personal excitement of being there -- of being a part of the experience. But I have learned that the images simply require effort and patience to understand what it is that I am are trying to convey.

I want anyone who views my work to feel the same wonder that I do - to let my images awaken and guide their mountain spirit. My photographs attempt to capture the "Genius of Beauty" - which is a twist on the Oscar Wilde quote: "Beauty is a form of genius - is higher, indeed, than genius, as it needs no explanation."

This is a collection of wilderness landscape photographs reflecting my passion for extended backpacking, day hiking, and the symmetry of wilderness. They are primarily images of the pristine beauty of wild places as well as a reflection of people enjoying their place and experiences along the trail. This collection of photographs also includes some examples of other images including portraits, still life, and flora. In the end, I work to photograph each image through new eyes and give them a new life of their own.

With regard to my website/portfolio (, if the information labels with each image obstruct the photograph, place your cursor on the photo and click it, and the information panel drops away, and a black frame is placed around the image stays active until you close it by clicking it again. The information will give you information with regard to the location and/or image of each photograph as well as a number I have assigned it in case there are additional questions about a particular photograph.

Any of the photographs are for sale as canvas framed prints through 500px. Just click on the 'Buy Canvas' prompt.